Hellow, to all of you


Hellow, to all of you

Messagepar fotis61 » jeu. 21 octobre 2010, 22:08

Hi , I am happy to be on the forum. I can't speak good english but i' trying.
I would very much like to gain access to the mp3 files so that I can begin to work on some of the
many pieces that are available.


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Re: Hellow, to all of you

Messagepar GeoffB » ven. 22 octobre 2010, 12:37

Hello fotis61,

Welcome to the forum! You should be able to access the mp3 files after you have posted 2 messages (sometimes it takes a little while longer). Your English looks very good to me. We also have French, Italian and Spanish on the forums, so you can take your pick :wink: . What is your native language, by the way?

Best wishes,


Mario Millan
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Re: Hellow, to all of you

Messagepar Mario Millan » sam. 23 octobre 2010, 00:10

Hi fotis61!
Welcome to the forum! Do you play guitar? since when? Please, tell us a lite more about you! what kind of music do you like?
See you soon,


Re: Hellow, to all of you

Messagepar fotis61 » sam. 23 octobre 2010, 19:11

Geoffb, my native language is Greek.
Mario, i play guitar when i was sixteen. Now i am .........forty nine! I play guitar as a hobby. Νot studied ever, what I learned on my own!


Re: Hellow, to all of you

Messagepar Noadman » lun. 15 novembre 2010, 02:46

It's always nice to see a new participant! Welcome fotis61!

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