Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Stewart Doyle

Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Stewart Doyle » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 13:05

Hi everyone

I've been a member of the English forum for around five years now and an occasional visitor to the Spanish site for the exams for the online lessons. I've really enjoyed the challenge of the lessons and I'm planning on repeating the D05 lessons again this year. I've decided to register here as I was looking for a lovely piece by Elizabeth Calvet. Visiting the site might just help with my rather poor French, which although poor is better than my almost non-existent Spanish and Italian. (Not too bad with Italian musical terms though!) :D

Bye for now


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Isabelle Frizac
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Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Isabelle Frizac » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 13:18

Bienvenue chez les frenchies !

Que trépasse si je faiblis !
Gardez espoir .
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Hervé Taborek
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Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Hervé Taborek » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 14:00

Hello/Bonjour :bye:
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Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Gabriel-Guégan » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 14:15

Hi Stewart

Nice to see you here :D
Prévois-tu de suivre les cours D05 aussi sur le site francophone ?

:bye: Gabriel
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Stewart Doyle

Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Stewart Doyle » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 17:04

Hi/Bonjour Gabriel!

I think you're asking whether I'm also considering following the D05 lessons on the French-speaking site?
OK, here's trying without Google translate....

C'est une bonne ideé, peut-être je vien regarder mais sans enregistrements.

And this is what it should be?

qui est une bonne idée, peut-être je vais regarder, mais pas poster enregistrements

:bye: Au revoir....


Stewart Doyle

Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar Stewart Doyle » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 17:17

Just read a few other posts in this mini forum and realised that I should really be writing in English here. So for those English or French speakers that can't understand the clumsy french above, I think it would be good practice for me to read the posts (and look at/listen to the recordings), but I think I'll skip posting recordings here....


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Re: Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Messagepar wchyme » sam. 05 septembre 2015, 17:32

Hi Stewart,

Yes, you can always follow D05 and post some comments... even if you have time and not formally registered to the class, I believe it's not an issue if you post something.
Your French is good!

Cheers (as you guys say...)

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